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In the poker playing world, 4 cards Poker is considered reasonably complex than the 3 card poker. Few strategies to have better chances of win in 4 card poker are given below:

Going back to the basics

Remember the basic rules while playing at casino such as no bets when you are over tired or too drunk? Same applies to the game of 4 card poker. It is the game for entertainment and it is important to set your limits.

Be wise about when to stop as soon as you have reached the higher cap set by you. Play four card poker with what you can afford and keep in mind that you are not playing to make a living but just for fun.

Don’t waste time in finding best payout

Because 4-card poker is relatively new, you won’t find many casinos with varies payout schedule. Play 4-card poker with the available payout schedule instead of looking for the best deal. Get More Info about judi poker terbaru, please check

Know the raising strategy

With 4 card poker, one of the good strategies is to know when and how much to raise the bet for. With a pair of tens or higher raising by 3 times, with a pair of two to nines raising one time th,e ante is advisable.

For anything less than a pair of two, it’s best to quit as the chances of winning are less. The fundamental remains the same which is raise as high as possible when you have a good hand and fold when there is no chance of winning.


Playing 4 card poker need some homework in the form of revising the basics, refreshing the strategies which you already know and the sportsmanship to learn, relearn and in no time you will master the four card poker game.

In this article you will learn about the different poker hand rankings. The traditional higher poker hand ranks include four of a kind, straight flush, and full house, straight, flush and so on. During the straight game, five cards are placed in sequence. In case of tie, the card that is at the top of sequence wins. Ace could either be placed at the top or bottom of the sequence. This is the only card that behaves this way.

Under three of a kind situation, three cards having the same rank will be placed together followed by two side cards that are unrelated. In case of tie, the card that is ranked highest will win. When three cards of same rank are placed together, the leftmost card wins. Find more info about slot mesin online.

In the full house game, three cards that have same rank are placed together. They are followed by two more cards with matching ranks. If there is a tie, then the highest three cards will win. It is a simple game with easy to understand logic.


Know more about the low hand ranking

The traditional methods of ranking the low hands are used in many poker games. There are common forms of low hands like six low, five low, eight low, seven low to name a few. In the seven low game, five unpaired cards are placed together. In this set, the highest card must be seven. In the case of tie, the card with lowest second highest ranking will win the match.

For beginners, entering a real casino can be overwhelming. There will be no one to tell you how to play the games and the strategies that you need to use. This is why, poker for beginners are best at online casino websites. They offer a lot of advantages to people which they won’t get at real casinos. Find more info about Situs Poker Online, please check

When people start playing at online casinos, people have a chance to try out various games at one place. If you have little idea about how to place bets, you can play for free as most of the online casinos offer new players free coins to start with. This helps novice players to try new games and practice before they start to place real money. Another great advantage is that you can start playing from the comfort of your house and do not have to dress up or even spend money to drive to the nearest casinos.


You can find a number of poker tips and strategies online that you can use to play. You can read the reviews and guides that will help you to become a great poker player. The best part is that you can do all this without spending any money.

If one wants to change themselves from being an occasional winner to regular one then Poker Bankroll Management is the key to do so. Bankroll management means playing within certain limits to decrease the probability of losing all the money you have. Playing in limits reduces the risk of losing money with faster pace.

The point that should be kept in mind for Bankroll management is maintaining enough money in Poker bankroll because sometimes we all have downswings. It is true that most downswings never go past 100 times the big blind. Bankroll is the solution to security of your money and to save you from losing all of your money. It allows you to play free from fear of losing cash. Click for more info about poker888.


Bankroll management is to ensure that you play in safe limits but people think that it limits winning which is not true at all. If you are an expert in playing Poker, then you can win even in lower limit and increase the bankroll amount. If you get bad cards then you do not sacrifice entire money you have in the process. The decision of playing with bankroll or without it depends on you but safe point of view suggests usage of bankroll.

Poker is a game that is all full of bluffs and tricks. With time the game has made certain changes but the rules and tricks remains the same forever. It is a game which makes you learn to read people’s mind, and gestures.

Why people like playing poker?

Are you bored of online poker? The interest and excitement that a real poker shows is not so good when you play it online. You don’t even get to see the expressions of your opponent and enjoy the real game atmosphere. Lying or bluffing someone does not seem interesting, unless you are actually watching that person. What you require is that sharp look to examine the movement and the possible cards that can change your complete game. Find more info about SBOBET asia, please check

Tricks those are applied in a poker

Every game requires some skills to win, so is with poker.  Some of the common competing skills used to win a poker are-

  1. If a player leans forward or backward that means he is having a strong hand.
  2. When a player seems distracted that might means he is not bluffing.
  3. A bluffer will always stare you down.
  4. If a player hands are shaky then he might be into something.
  5. Seeing sweat in your opponent will tell you about his status.
  6. If you are playing an online poker then the name will tell you about the experience of the player.


The tricks are many but the master is one. So see, think, understand, and then play your move.

Poker is probably the most played gambling card game across the world. These days, online poker has gained a lot of momentum. By online poker we mean the game, which is played on various online websites.

Online poker is far more convenient than the actual poker because, players can sit at home and play it. In order to win any game, you are required to have some strategies. Many experts have devised various strategies to help players in winning the game of poker. In his article, we will be talking about such strategies for beginners, intermediate poker and for advanced players. Click for more info about judi online.

Learn about the strategies for beginners

Texas hold’em poker is one of the most played kinds of poker. Here are some strategies for the beginners in this kind of game –

  • Find the best sites.
  • Study the rules and regulations of poker.
  • Maintain a different kind of self-discipline, which allows you to stay calm.
  • Make sure that you do not bet when you do not have the highest ranking.
  • For more tips, always follow the blogs written on poker.

Tips for intermediate poker and the advanced poker

Here are few tips for the players who are either intermediate or advance –

  • After learning about more about poker, make sure to look for next hand ranges. This can be a milestone between a beginner and the intermediate.
  • Make a move from quantity to quality. You should look forward to have good quality hand ranks rather than too many ranks.


Are you planning to hire a poker trainer? Make sure that you hire the best one. For this, you can always seek guidance from the blogs written on poker.

With the various advancement and development of online games, people have shifted their interests from traditional games to online game market. No one wants to get indulged in those hard board games anymore. These games attract more people and drives away their interest and attention. Same is with the online games, the visual and audio effects added to it makes it more interesting and eye catching.

Games that you can get online

People have changed their interest to online games in order to make it friendlier and sometime even competitive. Online poker is one such game that has driven many interests and is gaining popularity with every passing day. Poker for beginners might be little difficult to understand, but in some days they can understand it more well reading tips and techniques available online. Beginners will need to learn the art of focus and control to succeed. Click for more info about situs judi bola.

Benefits of playing poker online

Playing poker in a casino is considered illegal in many countries and therefore requires you to undergo many legal procedures. Here are few benefits that you can get while using online poker-

  1. You can access it easily 24*7 from anywhere.
  2. You get many choices to make, at a time.
  3. Even the speed of the game is quite good, making it accessible easily and quickly.
  4. You also get the chance to play on more than one table, at the same time.
  5. Most importantly you do not have to travel but need an internet connection to enjoy online poker.


These benefits of online poker prevent you to visit those crowded casinos.

You may have seen how two men sitting in a bar, across the table with cards. The two gruff men stare at one another and suddenly, one of them slaps three aces. It causes the table to flip spraying beer glasses and chips around but the worst part is that he has a gun, which starts firing.

Fortunately, this was a fact in the past only but today poker duels are all over. There is no need to visit casinos and use skills to drain wealthy tycoons of the state. Nowadays, poker can be played on your computer or any portable devices sitting miles away from one another.

It is a reality land-line casinos are becoming extinct like dinosaurs. How online poker changed the industry forever is an historical event similar to industrial revolution caused due to use of fire in the beginning. Internet persists to overwhelm the world, where kids in twenties have enjoyed playing more online poker hands than their grandfathers in 70s have been playing in land-casinos, all their life. Game theory, meta-game strategy, and analysis have moved from word of mouth communication to forum discussions online. Find more info about cara menang main capsa, please check

Awesome marks of online poker game

  • Keep track of personal statistics, which are building blocks to refine your poker game
  • Ideas can be freely exchange on forums, which influences player to develop their skills
  • Helpful instructional videos allow to understand strategies and nuances of poker game
  • Poker databases are proofs that poker game is not gambling. Huge winnings are due to game skills applied and not luck
  • Players can play 8 tables, simultaneously due to multi-tabling facility


Internet has changed poker game, which will never be same.

As we all know, the poker bankroll is the amount that you have in your poker account. How well you manage your bankroll will greatly impact on how you survive the streak of bad play. Moreover, it also affects how well you play during the game.

Keeping your focus exactly where it should be is very important for winning online poker game. So now, let us know some essential poker bankroll management tips in detail.

Some key points to keep in mind

Keep your focus on how good you play rather than worrying about the results. It not only sounds easy, but it actually is. It is true that results do matter, but it is pointless to get away from truth.

After all, to get the positive results, it is important to play at your best and improving your skills with every bet. You need such a bankroll management strategy that keeps your worries away.

Be true to yourself

Being honest with yourself before deciding the limits that you want to use for the bankroll management is important. Try not to look at the results until the end of session. This is indeed a good rule that you can practice. It is a behavior that is mainly used to get confirmation due to the lack of confidence. Get More Info about judi bola resmi, please check


This type of mindset may divide your focus from the play and may even make you worry more for your bankroll than allowing you to play at your best.

The ultimate goal of good bankroll management is to allow yourself to solely focus on playing your best and maintaining healthy bankroll during bad play. So, make sure to follow the above things to manage your bankroll well.

Poker game needs the players to be patient and strategic. It excites them mentally and allows them to use their skills to control the game and win some money. Getting emotional while playing can possibly make the player go bankrupt. Therefore, if you play poker online sporadically for enjoyment or are a regular, then it is vital to stay away from these common but costly mistakes.

Too many hands

Before you start your career as a professional poker player, deal with your impatient nature. An impatient person in the greed of winning plays too many hands at the same time, which is can be risky. It can decrease your bankroll faster, making it even tougher to play, which can possibly result in players total withdrawal from the game. Click for more info about Online Poker.

Dealing with too many hands make many of them chase draws, which results in loss of money.

Poor bankroll management

Best poker players playing high stakes cannot help from going down, but according to experts it is necessary at times. Bankroll management is vital, when games look good take the shot, but if it is necessary you move stakes wildly down. This will not harm your skills but you will be able to play longer. Learn how to keep check of your poor bank management aspect and correct it.

Calculation is essential

Calculation is essential to evaluate every poker move, prior playing. Make sure to calculate opponent moves and have answer prior playing, otherwise you can lose.



Professional and expert players can get tired and stressed out playing online poker continuously. If you cannot focus totally on the game then take a break. Playing out of boredom or emotionally can be costly.