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There are many online poker game websites. Every online poker game has its own rules and has different high poker hand ranks like capsa susun online, full house, four of a kind etc.

In this article we will discuss about some of the traditional high poker hand ranks that are common in almost every online poker game.

  1. Straight flush –

In this poker hand, five cards of identical suits in numerical order are considered. In case of a tie between two players, the player with the highest rank in the sequence will be considered as a winner.

The best and the highest straight flush hand is where ace, king, queen, jack and ten of the same suit is presented by a player. It is also called as a royal flush.


  1. Four of a kind –

In this poker hand, four cards of a similar rank (different suits) and one side card also known as a “kicker” are considered. In case of tie between two players, the player with the highest rank in the four cards set is considered as a winner. In community card games, if two players have the set of same card ranks, then the highest kicker is considered for decision making.

There are many other traditional poker hand ranks. It is very important for a beginner to understand these hands for any kind of online poker game. There are specific rules for every single poker hand, make sure you understand the specific rules in order to master them.

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Try to look for taruhan bola online site that has a huge bonus payout, so that you can play more by investing less money.

When you are looking for some fun thing to do online, then playing Capsa Susun Android on your phone is a good idea for sure. You can be sure that once you start playing Capsa Susun Android, you would not get bored even for a minute, and hours would go by in a matter of minutes. The main thing about Capsa Susun Android is that you can try out as many applications you want that have been developed for the game, and there are many casinos that have come up with their own version to allow players to play Capsa Susun on their Android phones.

Playing Capsa Susun Android is not only fun, it is very interesting as well. You get to play with players from around the world, and this would also add to your experience. Once you get started and have earned the kind of experience you need, rest assured that you would be able to win a lot of money on it.

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The game is fairly simple and you can be sure that you would not have any problems understanding it. Moreover, there is a guide given on the site that would help you understand how to play the game, which is even more helpful for the newbies.