August 2017
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Best Poker Strategy

Poker combines chance and strategy. If you follow the right strategy you can improve your chances of winning. Here are some of the Solid Poker Strategy tips on what you should do to become a winning poker player.

Expel expectations of winning

Instead of thinking about the result of the play, concentrate on the game. Give your best in each session, and the final outcome will simultaneously take care of itself as your performance betters.

Be aware of the odds

Whether you want or not, if you are playing poker you are also using mathematics. A good awareness of the odds will certainly give you an edge over those who are ignoring them. If you are looking for main capsa susun, log on to

Position and hands

Develop an understanding of how starting hand changes with a change in your position at the table. A lot more follows after starting hands are decided. The quality of your play will depend on your decisions when a hand ends. The skills that would matter include mathematics on pot odds, knowledge of betting, and bluffing.


Eliminate tilt

Keep your emotions under control and never let them overpower you. If the tilt sets in, the player becomes over aggressive and is most likely to play lower than one’s ability. In such a situation, it is best to take a break from the table and return with a fresh and positive frame of mind.