August 2017
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Poker is a game that includes ever changing dynamics, so inexperienced players ask plenty of questions.

  • ‘Can money be earned playing poker?’
  • ‘How much?’

These questions are very difficult to answer. How much you can win playing poker online terpercaya will depend on different factors. Even the best players have not won all the time they sat at the table.

How much average tournament players earn?

The earnings differ drastically and depend on whether they play cash games or tournaments. It is always assumed that the top tournament poker players rake unbelievable amount of winnings every year. Poker news media is responsible for this belief because the news is focused on festival’s big winner. Find more info about poker online terpercaya.

The money players spent in buy-ins all around the year is not mentioned. When the net profits are calculated (winnings minus buy-ins) then you will find that average tournament player earns lot less than you assumed.

How much cash game poker players make?

In comparison, cash game players make consistent amount then tournament players. However, the scores achieved will not be linked with MTT runs. Your win will depend on the game size and stake amount. Earnings cannot be tracked but even if win rate is lower in live online poker games, the amount earned in an hour will be more, as you can have fun in playing more hands.


How to enhance your earning odds?

Studying is an ongoing process for every kind of poker players. Besides proper game selection, players need to be familiar with current betting trends in poker arena. You need to read latest strategies, watch training videos, and review your own games.

Another vital quality to master is your mindset. Explore books to understand the psychological aspects good players need to accept, if they desire to enhance their win rate and avoid money loss.