August 2017
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Online Poker Agent

Online poker is now being played all over the world. Online poker is exactly like live poker but the responses are more quick and spontaneous. People these days prefer playing online poker because it is easier. However, there are still some myths revolving around online poker. Here are some of those myths and the facts to defy them.

The Money out Curse

Many people believe that if the player withdraws the cash from the online poker bankroll, he/she might face losses soon. However, this is just a myth as the poker rooms are huge and are handling various players at once. They will not have time to catch you and will forcefully capture the money.

The other Myths

The various other myths associated with online poker has been listed below –

  • You can only with money if you are able to read minds of the opponent – this is not true as your chances of winning purely depends on your strategies. Not every opponent of yours will be readable.
  • Good players will win always – good players might have better strategies however, it is not true that they will win every time. Many a times, they will also need some lady luck.
  • Online poker is manipulated – this is false as the poker rooms will not share any benefits from your profit. Hence, they will not get anything by rigging the game. If you are looking for judi poker, log on to


Apart from all of the above, another myth associated with real money online poker is that you will get more bad chances online than playing live poker. It must be noted that the cards are never rigged and everyone plays fair online.