August 2017
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Poker jackpots are available in many types, but the most common jackpot which is offered by most online poker rooms is the Bad Beat Jackpot. A Bad Beat Jackpot is paid when certain betting conditions are met. This type of betting is mostly beneficial to the losing hand compared to the winning hand. Let’s see how it works –

  • Poker jackpot is known as bad beat jackpot because when a player takes a very bad beat, then it is triggered.
  • A losing player gets a higher percentage of the payout compared to the winning player.
  • Apart from winner and loser, the other members of this game also get a share of the payout depending on the rules of the poker room. For More Information about Oriental casino, please check provided link.
  • According to rules of the jackpot, a player must not share their information with each other when playing their hands. If they do, the jackpot will be disqualified.
  • There must be a minimum of 4 players in the table of the room to trigger Bad Beat Jackpot.


Different poker rooms have different rules of playing the Bad Beat Jackpot, and therefore being a player, you must know the rules of playing Bad Beat Jackpot of that particular room in order to prevent ruining your game plus others games of the table.

You will come across many schemes offering 50 % cashback or bonuses for people, who sign up on poker sites. It’s an amazing offer, why would you not like it? However, one should be very careful in making decisions based on offers. There are always certain terms and conditions, which have to be fulfilled in order to claim these rewards. Let us understand how online poker bonuses work.

Redeem bonus:

The most common applicable condition is that poker companies hold your bonus until certain terms and conditions are not met. They would want you to play fixed number of hands or earn certain amount of cash in order to retrieve the bonus. The more you play, the more the rake for the company. Find more info about poker online uang asli, please check

Are bonus schemes good?

We understand that bonus schemes are there to attract you to play poker in the first place. However, you already are there to play poker. So instead of just buying with the money, why not buy a bonus scheme and get advantage of it. You will pay the rake anyways, why loose the bonus?



You can improve your timing by simultaneously playing on multiple tables at a particular time. This not only increases your chances of winning, but also saves your precious time.

The poker online uang asli should be played only on trusted and verified websites. They will offer you every assistance you need. They even have observers in each room, who keep a check on any suspicious activity happening in the room.