August 2017
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Poker Betting Tips

You may have seen how two men sitting in a bar, across the table with cards. The two gruff men stare at one another and suddenly, one of them slaps three aces. It causes the table to flip spraying beer glasses and chips around but the worst part is that he has a gun, which starts firing.

Fortunately, this was a fact in the past only but today poker duels are all over. There is no need to visit casinos and use skills to drain wealthy tycoons of the state. Nowadays, poker can be played on your computer or any portable devices sitting miles away from one another.

It is a reality land-line casinos are becoming extinct like dinosaurs. How online poker changed the industry forever is an historical event similar to industrial revolution caused due to use of fire in the beginning. Internet persists to overwhelm the world, where kids in twenties have enjoyed playing more online poker hands than their grandfathers in 70s have been playing in land-casinos, all their life. Game theory, meta-game strategy, and analysis have moved from word of mouth communication to forum discussions online. Find more info about cara menang main capsa, please check

Awesome marks of online poker game

  • Keep track of personal statistics, which are building blocks to refine your poker game
  • Ideas can be freely exchange on forums, which influences player to develop their skills
  • Helpful instructional videos allow to understand strategies and nuances of poker game
  • Poker databases are proofs that poker game is not gambling. Huge winnings are due to game skills applied and not luck
  • Players can play 8 tables, simultaneously due to multi-tabling facility


Internet has changed poker game, which will never be same.