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Online poker game is a popular game and many people make lots of money from it. However, in spite of that there are plenty of misconceptions in people.

Some of the misconceptions are as follows:

It is not a real poker game

The fact is that it is exactly the same game, which was being played in any other traditional casinos. People from all over the world participate in this game and create lots of fortune for them.

It is not safe game to play

Online poker games are offered by well known casino sites like casino online 338a and are supported by very well secured technology and therefore all your data and money will be completely safe.

It is not social

On the contrary, you can chat with many other participants and also make friends as well. Many people also invite their poker friends to their place. If you are looking for casino online 338a, log on to

Do not cash out your money

You should feel free to cash out your money and earn interest too. All these casino websites are very serious in their business.

You need to read well your opponents to win

It is not necessary to see the face of your opponent in order to win. In case, you can’t play without looking at your opponent then sign up for video chat.


Only experts can win

It is a game of skill and luck whether you play online or offline.

It is rigged

It is not at all true.