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Just as no two persons are identical, each player has its own style of playing the poker. You should be able to identify the opponent’s style and then act accordingly to grab him and get a win for yourself. Here’s few style that will enable you to beat them.

  • Calling Station Donkey:

This type of opponent does not fold weak pairs, but continue to bluff on marginal hands. In order to defeat them, you will have to keep patient and wait for the bang.

  • Tilt Player:

A good player can become worst player and play tilt games just to get back his lost money. If you see the opponent getting angry after a bad beat, then he will act as tilt player and often have nothing to get.

  • Habitual Bettors:

They are not disciplined player – instead they bet on with junk. Instead of getting annoyed fold in marginal pots, you can check-raise the pot and turn it into a big pot.

  • Continuation Bettor:

A continuation bettor raises pre-flop and bets flop regardless of the board. You can beat them by bluffing during the check back.


  • Sleeping opponent:

These are just like inactive partner as they don’t bring action in the game. They can be easily bet but always fold when a super tight player is betting on.

  • Solid Pro:

The solid pros are difficult to crack in bigger bets. Instead of avoiding them completely, you can play on small marginal hand by bluffing.

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